Globus Travel is global travel agency based in New York, Albania and Kosovo.


They promote tours in every category and manage ticket sales, sea and air transport, land and organize tourist travels. Our vision is to provide everyone with at least one new experience with the services and products we offer.


Create an online visual identity with social media templates, website and stationary.

  • Strategy

    Create an Online Visual Identity

  • Design

    Brand Guidelines

  • Client

    Globus Travel

Client Brief

The client needed a fresh approach to their online presence. They wanted to add more red to their social media posts and make it a focus for the brand so that it would become recognizable from other travel agencies. Every time there is a red component it should convey the message of Globus Travel.


The red color is used in every space, office, stationary or event. I took that and designed all the brand around it.

The Globus Travel brand should be recognized by the red color used. The color red represents energy and new adventures so it was a perfect fit for the brand. I incorporated it in every element of the website and also on the social media posts.

The new layouts bring a clean and fresh look to their online media and the whole brand feels modern and young.

Instagram Layout 1

Instagram Layout 2

Instagram and Facebook Stories

Client Feedback

Exceeded Expectations

AMAZING WORK!!!! We could not possibly be happier. Andi delivered a design that exceeded our every expectation, and patiently worked through our revisions in record time. THANK YOU! We cannot recommend this designer enough. Hire this man!

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