Burency is an advocate for crypto and Blockchain adoption, particularly in the MIDDLE EAST. The platform is designed to address key challenges that prevent widespread adoption within the cryptocurrency and Blockchain ecosystem such as exchange’s lack of liquidity and security, unsustainable mining, unawareness of Blockchain applications to businesses.


Design the web presence and a mobile app for the exchange platform.

  • Strategy

    Burency Global Exchange Platform

  • Design

    Web and APP Design

  • Client


Client Brief

We are looking to design a global exchange platform that will allow our users to trade into the cryptocurrency world. The platform needs to be modern including all the features of a trading platform. We would need a web and app presence and we need to follow our brand guide lines.


Having created the branding for Burency in the past it was easy to design their Global Exchange Platform.

I followed other trading platforms and experienced what they are doing to get a feeling of their user experience. I replicated their structure and adapted it to Burency. The user experience had to be flawless and everything needs to be available in one click.

I kept their colors, orange and dark gray. A sophisticated look makes the designs modern and pleasing to the users eye. I also went with a dark theme for it to be easier to the eye and work better in small screens.

Custom Icon Design

Icons can be a great way to bring essential content to the point. They are a great attention grabber and they help your website visitors to find and scan content. The style preferred is modern and minimal with clean lines combined between two brand colors.

I created the avatar icon which is used as a placeholder when the user does not upload a profile image, transfer icons, main navigation icons and the different pages icons.

Client Feedback

High Quality Work

This is our third project with Andi. As with his past jobs, the results were as requested, if not better!!! With so many designers, it is difficult to determine who are the better designer and who will produce quality work. From experience, I have dealt with good and bad designers, Andi is truly one of the best… Delivery, and quality of work are high standards!!!

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